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You’re just jealous, I’m her favourite shipoopi XD

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1) Write down your answers to all the questions
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I tag anyone who wants to do it… because why not.

Music Challenge

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“You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to, put you music on shuffle don’t skip a song and list 10 then tag 10 people”
1. Flawless // Beyonce

2. What Makes You Beautiful // One Direction

3. Stan Chapmans // Troy MacGillivray

4. Say Something // Alex & Sierra

5. Starting Over // Jennifer Lopez

6. Reel #1 // Brian Hebert

7. Jump // Flo Rida

8. Oops I Did It Again // Britney Spears

9. Virginia Bluebells // Miranda Lambert

10. Summer Jam // Jake Owens

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competitiondancers it won’t let me message from my facebook app. It’s making install messenger.

Arabian nights is a group dance ALDC did and it's hella amazing

ohhh haha okay. I’m trying to upload stuff right now and organize myself because I start school tomorrow. I’ll try and have them posted this week

who wants to see my fiddle & dance routines from this weekend